2013 Conference Highlights

Life Re-Imagined: New Approaches to Positive Aging
February 10-12, 2013
Hosted by Fielding Graduate University at
The Center for Healthy Communities at The California Endowment, Los Angeles

    The Sixth Annual International Positive Aging Conference is a highly interactive gathering of diverse leaders who are shaping a dynamic future for older adults throughout the world. 

    The conference will be hosted by the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University. It will commence with keynote speaker Wendy Lustbader, MSW, and a reception on Sunday, February 10, 2013, at the beautiful Omni Los Angeles at California Plaza, in downtown Los Angeles. Dr. Brian de Vries, from San Francisco State, and Ram Dass will also be presenting as plenary speakers. Workshop sessions will be offered in creativity, wellness, community, and life transitions, with a special focus on vulnerable seniors and international perspectives on positive aging. This conference also offers "Active Arts" throughout the duration of the conference. Designed to facilitate dialogue about creative expression and aging, examples of Active Arts offerings includes music, dance, art, and poetry. James Birren, widely considered one of the “reigning pioneers of gerontology," will receive Fielding’s Creative Longevity and Wisdom Award in recognition of his six decades of seminal contributions including the influential work on Guided Autobiography.

Our four themes of Wellness, Creativity, Life Transitions, and Community will be addressed by a wide variety of scholars and practitioners, to stimulate conversations and sharing among us all so that our own lives, and those with whom we work, can be healthy and empowering. Some of the presentations include the following:


Say ‘Yes’ to Tango: A Conversation about Creative Aging by Lola Fraknoi

Save My Place: A Performance Piece on Dying by Dori Gillam

Nimble Minds, Nimble Bodies: Exploring How the Creative Arts Contribute to Lifelong Human Development, Health, and Quality of Life by Michael Patterson

The Art of Aging by Richard and Alice Matzkin

Visionaries Have Wrinkles: Serving the Generation Who Will Change the World by Karen Sands

The Courage to be Brilliant: How to Aging with Courage, Wisdom and Grace  by Marta Monahan


Secrets of the World’s Oldest People by Stephen Coles

Energizing your Chakras Through Kundalini Yoga and Circle Dancing by Evelyn Torton-Beck and Valerie Bentz

Trauma, Transmission and Successful Aging in Genocide Survivors and Descendants by Zieva Konvisser,   

Growing Older: The Power of a Positive Attitude by Alicia Farrell

Intergenerativity: Innovations in the Concepts and Practices of Lifelong Learning and Health by Peter Whitehouse

Exercise Behavior Correlated to Personality and Self-Determination in Korean and American Older Adults by Minjung Seo


Going through Life’s Narrow Spots: Healing on Purpose by Ruth Bachman and Connie Goldman

Good Deaths: Rethinking the Exit by Donald Asher

Life Reinvented: Planning and Coping with Job Loss and Retirement by Kelly Clark

Reclaim Your Passion and Transform Your Life: How Boomers are Creating “The Age of the Heart-Based Entrepreneur” by Eileen Morgan

Finding Solutions to Live Fully, Happily and with Confidence in our Last Chapter by Andrea Gallagher

Revisioning Life in the Second Half: Seeing with New Eyes by Deborah Windrum

Lunch-time table topic discussions will help connect people who have common interests and morning group gatherings will set the stage for the day’s activities.

With musical accompaniments and performances by Christine Stephens, Founder of Upbeat Drum Circles and Eileen Morgan, writer and performer of Reconnecting Who You Are to What You Want to Do.


Aging Your Way: Boomers Creating Communities for All by Dori Gillam

Local Heroes: A Panel of Local Seniors Who have Survived Many Life challenges The Elderways Community Circle by Deb Skovron

EngAGE Across Generations by Maureen Kellen-Taylor

Reclaiming the Historical Narrative of LGBT seniors by Larry Saxxon

Conversations on Positive Aging: The Healing Power of Social Connection by Mary Ellen Hoeh