Finding your place
Community is much more than a place.  It's a state of mind, a shared vision, a common fate.  Community is not only where we live, but how we act toward each other throughout the seasons of life.  The community theme at this conference takes a deep look into the essence of community and what makes a place "the" place for you and others in the future.
Our vision of "the good life" dictates "where" we live and "how" we live.  We not only occupy a home, we also occupy a total eco-system--climate, neighbors, politics, passions and services.  All these, along with money, health and family, interact with our values and influence whether or not our place is an inspiring and nourishing place that allows us to express the fullness of our being. 
Examples of some of the themes about community from last year's conference include:
Cultivating a culture of successful aging: Seven strategies to promote wellness through culture change
Creating community: From dreaming to doing
Finding your place online
Elders can save the world: Voluntarism in later life
Navigating the roller coaster of crisis
Learning goals for the community discussions at the conference include:
1.  To gain new perspectives on and knowledge of the process of community in the second half of life.
2.  To learn about models or approaches which have a track record of success.
3.  To examine new data or perspectives on the challenges and opportunities connected to community and aging.
4.  To make connections between community and other aspects of our lives, especially spirituality, wellness, creativity, and life transitions.
5.  To leave inspired and fortified with new knowledge and tools for our professional and personal use. 

Community Theme Events at 2013 Conference

Aging Your Way: Boomers Creating Communities for All by Dori Gillam

Local Heroes: A Panel of Local Seniors Who have Survived Many Life challenges The Elderways Community Circle by Deb Skovron

EngAGE Across Generations by Maureen Kellen-Taylor

Reclaiming the Historical Narrative of LGBT seniors by Larry Saxxon

Conversations on Positive Aging: The Healing Power of Social Connection by Mary Ellen Hoeh