Life Transitions

Although transitions (aka change) are a constant in life, the post-midlife transitions bring special challenges and opportunities, not least because they have been largely ignored until recently.  Moreover, transitions into and throughout the second half of life involve major shifts in identity, roles, and status as well as intensified questions relating to meaning, purpose, and legacy.  Indeed, they touch most if not all areas of our lives, often simultaneously.  (See the "pie of life" at Life Planning Network)
  Our underlying assumption is that people dealing with these transitions can benefit from both the expanding research in this area and the experience of professionals offering life planning services to those of us in our third age.
Life Transitions programs are devoted to models,  ideas, and distinctions about the critical transitions triggers and issues for people in the second half of life, how they change over time, and how best to deal with them.  Obvious examples of triggers and issues include age-related losses, identity shifts, changes in living environments, moving from full-time paid work to part-time work or civic engagement, and ways to reconnect with purpose of calling.
Learning goals for the life transition discussions at the conference included:
1.  Gaining new perspectives on and knowledge of the process of making transitions in the second half of life.  For example, what determines whether we deal more or less adroitly with transitions in this time of life?
2.  Learning about models or approaches which have a track record of success in facilitating transitions, eg. life planning approaches, technological innovations, and other resources.
3.  Examining new data or perspectives on the challenges and opportunities connected to current and future economic and social realities.
4.  Making connections between life transitions and the various aspects of our lives, especially wellness, community, and creativity/arts.
5.  Leaving inspired and fortified with new knowledge and tools for our professional and personal use.



Going through Life’s Narrow Spots: Healing on Purpose by Ruth Bachman and Connie Goldman

Good Deaths: Rethinking the Exit by Donald Asher

Life Reinvented: Planning and Coping with Job Loss and Retirement by Kelly Clark

Reclaim Your Passion and Transform Your Life: How Boomers are Creating “The Age of the Heart-Based Entrepreneur” by Eileen Morgan

In all this Chaos, Is There a Secret of Living Smart after 50? by Andrea Gallagher

Revisioning Life in the Second Half: Seeing with New Eyes by Deborah Windrum

Lunch-time table topic discussions will help connect people who have common interests and morning group gatherings will set the stage for the day’s activities.

With musical accompaniments and performances by Christine Stephens, Founder of Upbeat Drum Circles and Eileen Morgan, writer and performer of Reconnecting Who You Are to What You Want to Do.